About the Designer


La Quinta resident Lauren Youngs is an award-winning jewelry designer whose pieces underscore classic lines, natural materials, and the unique nature of gemstones.

Lauren’s career in the arts continues to fuel her passion for design that dates back to college at Northern Arizona University, where she studied art history and majored in interior design. Lauren has more than 30 years of experience as a business owner, interior decorator,  retail consultant, and jewelry designer.

In 2000, Lauren enrolled in several jewelry design classes and began creating original pieces in her spare time. Her commitment to the craft eventually metamorphosed from hobby into profession.

“I was fascinated by the exquisite colors and textures found in natural gemstones,” Lauren remembers. “Friends and strangers would comment on my pieces and I’d often end up selling them right off my body.”

As the demand for Lauren’s pieces swelled, she decided to end a 15-year career in interior design and devote her time to creating and designing original pieces of art in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Lauren exhibits her jewelry at various art shows throughout the year, including the Indian Wells Arts Festival, Southwest Arts Festival, and Art on Main (formerly Art Under the Umbrellas).

Please visit Lauren’s calendar of events.

Aside from these events and the website, you can buy Laren’s jewelry inside the gift shops at the La Quinta Historical Museum, Borrego Springs Art Institute and Sonoma Valley Art Museum.

Lauren also founded  Sincerely Yours Lauren in 2010, a art studio where Lauren embroiders various fabrics, including napkins, table runners, baby blankets, and kitchen and hand towels.

Please contact Lauren with any suggestions or comments at lauren@bellabeaddesign.com.